If you found your name only on the ALT text data, and the corresponding picture does NOT contain your image, this is not considered personal data under GDPR terms. Likewise, your image on a picture that is not associated with your name or other identifiable data on text is also not considered personal data.

Your name or picture associated with other identifiable data is. If the original picture found at the URL present on the dataset on the record that also states your name, phone number or address has your image, you may request a takedown of the dataset entry. As per GDPR, we provide a takedown form you can use.

Upon form submission, we will investigate the request, and if verifiable, we will remove the entry from all data repositories we control. Such repositories include current data stored on our computers and future releases of the datasets. We cannot act on data that are not under our control, for example, past releases that circulate via torrents.

You may request a takedown using the form below: