How to donate computing time

Use cloud computing

You can open any cloud computing account and run our scripts on VPS nodes. We recommend simple 1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 10GB SSD nodes for best performance.

Aim for $5/month VPS nodes that deliver the best performance/cost ratio.

You can also benefit from free credits for these cloud providers (list is subject to change):

  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives $300 trial credit for new accounts in selected countries. Requires $1 charge by credit card. 20 AMD nodes can be run for about 3 weeks until the credit is consumed. Recommended region: Frankfurt
  2. Hetzner Cloud – requires identification (PayPal and passport). Use this link that gives 20 Euro credit and spin up CX11 node types. You will be limited to 5 or 10 nodes by default.
  3. Vultr – use to get $100 credit when paying $10. Use $10 VPS nodes that have 2TB traffic per month, because Vultr counts ingress traffic as well. You can run about 10 nodes for a month. Note the service terms are tricky for our project, the extra bandwidth costs about 10x the subscribed bandwidth. So when you reach the 2TB you need to stop the servers and NOT terminate them. Only terminate the servers at the end of period so no extra charge can occur.
  4. Alibaba Cloud, requires identification, take Simple Application Server $4.5 instances, use this link for $20 trial credit
  5. Other providers that we tested successfully: Hostwinds (get unmanaged nodes)
  6. Run notebooks on Google Collaboratory (not very efficient)
tips and tricks
  • Whenever using a cloud provider, always select a data center/region close to Germany. Such places include Frankfurt or other German locations, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Helsinki…
  • Also some bandwidth is given for free every month. Apparently at first day of the month the limits are reset so making an account 10 days before end of month will usually give twice the bandwidth before credits expire.
  • The script repositories contain both cloud-init and type of scripts to initialize blank Ubuntu 20.04 nodes at these providers

Use your home PC

You can run our scripts at home during idle periods, much like Seti@Home does.


  1. The easiest script to run is with Docker. The script is maintained at this repo ARKseal/crawlingathome-worker (
  2. For adventurous people, you can try these scripts for better performance. You will need Ubuntu 18+ box and sudo permissions. rvencu/crawlingathome-gpu-hcloud: GPU controlled Hetzner Cloud workers swarm for Crawling@Home project (