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by Large-scale Artificial Intelligence Open Network (LAION)


Check out our latest release of LAION-400M Open Dataset


An open large-scale image/text pairs dataset

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We are creating the world’s largest openly accessible image-text-pair dataset, as a step to democratize research on training of large language-image models like DALL-E & CLIP

Explore our already released samples (400M) & help us to quickly grow into the billions!


We are using the Crawling@Home dataset to generate openly accessible, multimodal models!

Training and refining openly available models help by avoiding redundancy, which in the end lowers our environmental footprint.


Our Team

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Jenia Jitsev

Scientific Lead
Founding Member

Senior researcher at Juelich Supercomputing Center (JSC) and head of Cross-Sectional Team Deep Learning (CST-DL) that deals with large-scale transferable learning. PhD in Computer Science and Neuroscience


Richard Vencu

Technical Lead
Founding Member

AI Engineering Master. Automation Engineer. Electronics Engineer.

28 years of experience in industry. Tinkerer.


Christoph Schuhmann

Organizational Lead
Founding Member

Master in Physics & Computer Science

Producer of Schools of Trust which led to creation of more than 30 schools where kids can freely unfold their curiosity.


Aran Komatsuzaki

PhD student of Machine Learning
Founding Member

Georgia Institute of Technology. 4 years experience in model research


Romain Beaumont

Machine Learning Engineer
Founding Member

I like to apply scale and deep learning to build AI apps and models


Robert Kaczmarczyk

Medical Lead

Big Data Analyst and Medical Doctor
Founding Member

Technical University of Munich. 3 years experience in epidemiological research

Our Team

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Theo Coombes

Founding Member

Programmer with a great passion for big data and machine learning


John-Paul Krowicki

Founding Member

Machine learning practitioner looking to positively impact society


Aarush Katta

Founding Member

Programmer with lots of enthusiasm for AI & ML

Jan Ebert

HelmholtzAI, Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Founding Member


Software engineer and researcher, responsible for scaling up deep learning.

Loves working with differentiable problems.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-09-01 21-17-42

Aaron Gokaslan

PhD Student of Computer Science at Cornell University
Founding Member

Former Facebook AI Resident. Co-creator of OpenWebText Corpus and OpenGPT-2.


Mehdi Cherti


Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Founding Member

Researcher on Machine Learning and Deep Generative Models. PhD in Computer Science. Into Generative Creativity.



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