Christoph Schuhmann

Organizational Lead / Founder

Master in Physics & Computer Science. Producer of Schools of Trust.

Jenia Jitsev

Scientific Lead / Founder

Senior researcher. Leads Scalable Learning and Multi-Purpose AI (SLAMPAI) Lab at Juelich Supercomputing Center (JSC). PhD in Computer Science.

Richard Vencu

Engineering Lead / Founder

AI, automation, and electronics engineer with 28 years of experience in the industry.

Romain Beaumont

Open source contributor

I like to apply scale and deep learning to build AI apps and models.

Robert Kaczmarczyk

Community / Medical Lead / Founder

Technical University of Munich. 3 years experience in epidemiological research.

Theo Coombes

Founding Member

Programmer with a great passion for big data and machine learning.

Mehdi Cherti

Founding Member

Researcher on Machine Learning and Deep Generative Models. PhD in Computer Science.

Irina Rish

Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréal

Prof. at UdeM with strong interest in Scaling Laws for ML

Aran Komatzusaki

Member. PhD student of Machine Learning at GaTech

Interest in RL, representation learning and generative modeling in general

Robin Rombach

Member. Stable Diffusion Trainer

AI researcher with a focus on deep generative models. Author of VQGAN, Latent Diffusion, Stable Diffusion.

Katherine Crowson


AI researcher working on generative models. Generative artist

Aarush Katta

Founding Member

Programmer with lots of enthusiasm for AI & ML.

Jan Ebert

Founding Member

Software engineer and researcher, responsible for scaling up deep learning. Helmholtz AI.

Marianna Nezhurina

Member. Multi-Modal Data Batgirl

Coder and ML researcher with strong interest in multi-modal datasets and learning.

Ludwig Schmidt

Member. Professor in computer science at the University of Washington.

Research on datasets, reliable generalization, and large models.