Christoph Schuhmann

Organizational Lead / Founder

Master in Physics & Computer Science. Producer of Schools of Trust.

Jenia Jitsev

Scientific Lead / Founder

Senior researcher, leading Scalable Learning and Multi-Purpose AI Lab at Juelich Supercomputing Center. PhD in Computer Science.

Richard Vencu

Engineering Lead / Founder

AI, automation, and electronics engineer with 28 years of experience in the industry.

Romain Beaumont

Machine Learning Engineer / Founder

I like to apply scale and deep learning to build AI apps and models.

Robert Kaczmarczyk

Community / Medical Lead / Founder

Technical University of Munich. 3 years experience in epidemiological research.

Theo Coombes

Founding Member

Programmer with a great passion for big data and machine learning.

Mehdi Cherti


Researcher on Machine Learning and Deep Generative Models. PhD in Computer Science.

Irina Rish

Core faculty member of MILA - Quebec AI Institute

Prof. at MILA with strong interest in Scaling Laws for ML

Jan Ebert


Software engineer and researcher, responsible for scaling up deep learning.

Katherine Crowson

AI / generative artist

AI / generative artist

Aarush Katta

Founding Member

Programmer with lots of enthusiasm for AI & ML.